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How to Use Auto Selected Keywords

Here are some tips If you choose to use Auto Selected Keywords while it is in Beta Mode

1. Choose the best-selling SKUs 

  1. These SKUs typically have attractive pictures and descriptions, good reviews and are priced competitively
  2. You can also promote new SKUs or those without any sales and reviews but these ads are not likely to perform as well 
  3. Plan on having at least RM21 in ads credit for each SKU you buy ads for. This will allow the ads to run for 2 weeks and give us enough data to optimise your ads (covered in sections 3-5).
  4. To get a big boost to your daily orders (5-20% increase), we suggest setting up Search Ads for 20 - 40 products at once
  5. This will help you find the best performing ads
  6. To make it easier, you can mass set up Product Search Ads with auto selected keywords
  7. Auto selected keywords use your SKU's past sales history, title and attributes to determine the appropriate keywords and bid price to use. The more accurate data there is, the better your ad will perform.

2. Set a daily budget between RM 3 - 6

  1. Some ads will perform better than others so you want to control the expense of each ad before you optimise them.

3. Check your ads after 5 - 7 days 

  1. For ads that do well (i.e. have orders and ROI that is acceptable to you), increase the daily budget.
  2. We suggest you double or triple the daily budget. 
  3. For ads that do not do well (no orders or ROI is unacceptable to you), switch off auto-selected keywords
  4. If you wish to continue promoting that SKU, you may want to use manual keywords or Targeting Ads.

4. Check your ads every 1 - 4 weeks

  1. For ads that do well, change the budget to unlimited 

5. If you would like to optimise the performance of your Product Search Ads more:

  1. Instead of checking after 5 - 7 days, check on the 4th and 7th day
  2. For ads that do well, increase the daily budget (by 2-3 times).
  3. For ads that do not do well 
  4. If the ad has fewer than 200 impressions per day
  5. Manually add keywords
  6. If the ad's daily budget is reached even though it has fewer than 200 impressions, turn off auto selected keywords and add manual keywords. The cost per click is likely too high.
  7. You can check whether the daily budget was reached when editing daily budget

  1. If the ad has more than 200 impressions a day but fewer than 100-200 clicks, allow the ad to continue running. 
  2. If the ad has more than 100-200 clicks, switch off auto selected keywords and manually add keywords.
  3. For more information about optimising Search Ads for your products, click here

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