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What Are Ads?

Shopee Ads enable you to advertise your products in high traffic areas on the Shopee platform such as the homepage, search results page and product details page. 

With Ads, you can boost the visibility of your products or shop to relevant customers who will most likely make a purchase but only have to pay when they click on your ad. 

Why You Should Use Ads

Shopee Ads can help you cost-effectively achieve your business goals, be it reaching new customers, generating sales, increasing your shop's followers, or even building your brand. 

On average, sellers who use ads have seen an increase of 24% in their orders and 26% in sales revenue for their advertised products.

There are 3 ways to advertise on Shopee

  1. Product Search Ads
  2. Discovery Ads 
  3. Shop Search Ads

If your business goal is to increase awareness or sales of specific products, use Product Search Ads and Discovery Ads.

  1. Product Search Ads displays your ads on the search results page.

You can decide which keywords will show your ad by bidding for them. Of all the ad types, Keyword Ads will give you the most exposure. 

  1. Discovery Ads displays your products in multiple sections of the Shopee platform to potential buyers who are interested in products similar or complementary to yours.

These sections include: “Daily Discover” on the homepage, “Similar Products”, and “You May Also Like” on relevant product detail pages.

We recommend using Discovery Ads together with Keyword Ads to better advertise your products in more places within the Shopee platform. 

If your business goal is to increase shop traffic and/or brand awareness, use Shop Search Ads. 

  1. Shop Search Ads are displayed at the top of the search results page and you can decide on which keywords will show on your ad by bidding on them.

If your shop sells hair care products, you may wish to bid for "shampoo", so that the shoppers searching for "shampoo" will see your shop's advertisement and be directed to your shop after clicking on the ad.

Shopee Ads Education Video-On-Demand

For more videos like this, head over to our ShopeeUni Youtube Channel.

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Why You Should Use Ads

There are 3 ways to advertise on Shopee

Shopee Ads Education Video-On-Demand