Drive more traffic to your shop with the new Shop Search Ads design!

The new Shop Search Ads design allows you to display your most relevant products and voucher to shoppers*, driving more clicks on your ads and higher traffic to your shop's page. Use it now to drive more traffic and sales for your shop! 

* Notes:

  1. From 27 May onwards, the new design will be shown to all shoppers on the search results page.

Which products or vouchers will Shop Search Ads display?

Shop Search Ads will automatically display the products that are most relevant to the shopper's search terms, and one of the vouchers that the shopper is eligible for. 

How many products or vouchers will Shop Search Ads display?

If your shop doesn't have any applicable vouchers, Shop Search Ads will display the 4 most relevant products. Otherwise, Shop Search Ads will show the 3 most relevant products and the most relevant voucher to shoppers.

Who can use Shop Search Ads?

Shop Search Ads is only available to Mall sellers, Preferred sellers and selected sellers with good track record in sales and shop ratings.

* Note:

  1. Products and vouchers are new additions to Shop Search Ads and still in beta mode, as such they will only be shown to selected shoppers from 23 Sep onwards
  2. We will progressively display products and vouchers on Shop Search Ads to more shoppers

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